Okay, how cool is this call for chapitres?!

I would say it’s objectively v. v. cool, but then I’d be lying (about the objectivity, da-dum-dum-tishh).

I have here an incredibly exciting call for chapter proposals that explore notions of “Re-Imagining doctoral writing.”

Inspired by conversations happening elsewhere in scholarly communications, recent pieces on rethinking the dissertation, and efforts to reimagine doctoral education more broadly, this volume is interested in questions that consider the ways in which ideas of doctoral writing have shifted over time (over haven’t), as well as where imaginings of the future of doctoral writing might take us. Please see this link for the call and more details.

The edited volume will appear in electronic and printed form in the WAC Clearinghouse International Exchanges on the Study of Writing series edited by Terry Myers Zawacki, Magnus Gustafsson, and Joan Mullin. Print editions will be produced by University Press of Colorado.

Interested? I encourage you to submit a propsal! Submissions are due July 31, 2019.